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Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

With so many online options such as Zillow, Trulia or the "For Sale By Owner" option, buyers and sellers may be led to believe that real estate agents add an unecessary expense to the process.

This idea is highly inaccurate, and some homeowners only realize this when they attempt to go through this process themselves. While online resources may be helpful, a professional in real estate can offer a valuable time and money saving service.

Let’s take a look at what a Real estate agent can do for you-

1. Assist with loan pre-approval.

Pre-approval verifies a buyer’s employment, income and researches their credit history. A solid pre

-aproval letter will help things move along more smoothly for sure.

2. Find the home that is right for you.

House hunting can be a time consuming and exhausting process. With the help of an knowledgable realtor, they can help narrow down your search and target your specific needs.

Realtors can help you find the correct location, neighborhood, school district, type of property and more.

3. Negotiate Offers.

When it comes down to making an offer, you want to make sure you are not too high or too low.

An offer that is too low might be ignored, and might be insulting to the seller. Offering too high of a price would make you spend more than necessary. Your realtor has the experience to help offer that perfect number.

4. Assist with finding a home inspector.

Your agent has been dealing with tried and true professionals in the industry. Your agent will already be aware of best home inspectors in your area and can help connect you with them. You absolutely need a professional inspection before you purchase a home to ensure it will be worth buying.

6. Home inspection repair negotiations.

Your agent can negotiate issues that you find through the home inspection and need to be addressed to the seller. This stressful process can be handled for you by your real estate agent.

There may be a need for a price reduction, repairs or some other adjustment to accommodate the price of repair.

7. Communication, communication, communication!

The most valuable traits of an exceptional real estate agent are communication skills. The real estate transaction process can lead to changes. Every party needs to be aware of what is going on and keeping the lines of communication open between the buyers, sellers, lawyers and real estate agent is key to a smoother sale.

8. Protecting your mortgage approval.

Your real estate agent will keep track of your mortgage commitment date and make sure that there aren’t any significant changes based on your financial situation that may make funding fall through. No one wants funding to fall through, especially your agent, so they will keep you on track to protect your mortgage approval. If an extension is needed, your real estate agent will be on the phone, getting it done.

9. That a wrap! Finalize everything for the closing.

You will find that you will close without any issues with an agent that will tie up any loose ends before closing on your home. The finthrough will determine if the home is in the same condition as when the offer was written. Your agent will be able to advise on how to move forward if something is not right. You have enough on your plate, so let your real estate agent do their job.


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