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20 Things You Don't Need in Your Home Anymore

Looking to get your home organized? Here's a list of 20 things to get rid of quickly.

Grab a garbage and donation bin and start tossing, recycling or donating these items: The closet

1. Plastic hangers that have lost their shape.

2. Any piece of clothing that is stained or stretched out, including undergarments.

3. Plastic bags from the dry cleaner. (Protect your garments with canvas hanging bags).

4. Wire hangers.

5. Any article of clothing that is no longer flattering.

6. Orphaned socks. (You've managed this long without the pair, its okay).

The Kitchen

7. Food that has lived deep in the recess of your freezer.

8. Mismatched mugs.

9. Promotional plastic cups and related freebies.

10. Duplicates: You don't need 8 spatulas or 4 can openers.

The House

11. Expired medicine.

12. Expired sunscreen.

13. Half-used, long forgotten candles.


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